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Inside the radio studio

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Welcome to CMS Station Brokerage!

CMS Station Brokerage offers media brokerage services. We help radio station owners sell their radio stations to qualified buyers. We also help buyers find radio stations which make sense to meet their objectives. CMS Station Brokerage specializes in providing radio brokerage services for broadcasters in small and medium sized markets across the United States and Canada.

We are proud to be ranked as one of the most active media brokers. According to SNL Kagan, CMS Station Brokerage ranked:

#3 in 2008 with 15 deals
#2 in 2009 with 20 deals
#2 in 2010 with 16 deals
#8 in 2011 with 9 deals
#5 in 2012 with 14 deals
#6 in 2013 with 11 deals
#9T in 2014 with 9 deals
#6 in 2015 with 14 deals
#7 in 2016 with 15 deals

We also do radio station appraisals. Lenders, station owners and broadcast attorneys have come to CMS Station Brokerage to appraise the value of their station properties.

Roger Rafson, President of CMS Station Brokerage and also with Gen Media Partners, has extensive knowledge of the small and medium-sized markets. Over the past 35 years, Rafson has worked with radio station owners at over 2,000 radio stations.

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Radio studio photograph at top courtesy James Cridland